"Natural or Ëarthen Building", from our perspective, is the craft of making one's home-space out of available natural materials. Examples of these could include (but are no means the only materials) cob, adobe, earthen, earth bag, rammed earth, slip straw, straw-mud, waddle and daub, earth ships, stone, timber frame, lime, clay, gypsum structural/aesthetic elements.

"Building Naturally" can be complicated when much of the modern world surrounds us in streamlined and ready made products with unknown toxicity and convenience in mind. Natural building takes an opposing approach, examining site-local, relevant, sustainable, non-toxic materials that take a labor of love to craft from scratch. "Building with nature" is a holistic concept bridging traditional and indigenous building methods within an alternative lifestyle of place and culture, form and function, all while thinking about many generations before and after us. Natural builders must know nature, where we fit, and how to mold these things respectfully and coherently with all of the occupants.